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Discover Zeknova Tires: Elevating Motorsports Excellence

Zeknova Tires, a distinguished Japanese tire brand, is your dedicated partner in the world of street performance and motorsports. At Domino, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality tyres

Zeknova offer amazing performance with our range of 240AAA Medium Compound tyres, providing the perfect blend between performance and mileage. For those on the extreme end of the spectrum, we would recommend the140AAA Soft Compound for those running big horsepower (suitable for up to 800hp+) Please note the 140AAA compound will get less kilometers due to the soft nature of the rubber to provide the grip required.


Zeknova Tyre Domino NZ

Domino Tyre Supply is honored to be the exclusive New Zealand Distributor of Zeknova.

Zeknova Tyres are meticulously designed and engineered for championship-level driving, catering to the aspirations of all passionate drivers, regardless of their racing style. With Zeknova, you can set your sights on reaching the pinnacle of performance.

What sets Zeknova apart is its versatility – our tires are approved for both street and race track use, making them the perfect choice for those who demand the best of both worlds.

Looking to retail Zeknova?

For businesses eager to offer Zeknova's exceptional tire lineup to your customers, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated sales team at sales@dominotyres.co.nz. We're here to help you bring the excellence of Zeknova Tires to your clientele!