About us

Introducing Domino, a dynamic addition to New Zealand's tyre distribution sector.

Domino is an Auckland based tyre distribution company founded by Chris Howard, a key player within New Zealands Drift Motorsport events space, alongside supplying our drivers we have a mission to build relationships with tyre shops nationwide with quality products.

Our tyres are suitable for all makes and models with mid range and performance options available.

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Domino welcome retail accounts with tyre shops nationwide!

To request an account & pricing, contact sales@dominotyres.co.nz

Reforestation - Our Contribution

At Domino, our passion extends beyond great tyre brands and Motorsport; we have a deep love for nature and the environment. As a part of our core mission, we are committed to making a positive impact by actively contributing to reforestation efforts.

For a number of years through our Drift Motorsport events, we have proudly supported Eden - an international Reforestation project. Today, Eden operates in eight project countries, effectively managing over 241,150 hectares of land in collaboration with local communities.

Through a combination of collaborative efforts and science-based restoration practices, we strive to bring about substantial benefits, tailor-made for each community, promoting their well-being, enhancing living conditions, and rejuvenating their environment.

By planting trees, we aim to do our part in planting more trees and supporting communities around the world. Recognising that a world without flourishing trees filtering the air is not a world we wish to leave behind.

After all, some may argue that oxygen is an essential part of the program.

Motorsport Program

Proudly supporting New Zealand Drift & Circuit Motorsport with our Domino Race Program. Bulk tyre bundles for your season & track days!

Join Retail Network

Nationwide retailer network is now open to stores wishing to supply your customers with stock, to submit a registration simply follow the form via the link below and the team will be in contact with you. The registration will take 2-3 minutes.