ZEKNOVA (RS606 R4) 265/35/18 - Medium Compound

RS606 range is synonymous with exceptional value for money in the performance tyre segment. Experience excellent traction in all weather conditions, a preferred choice for modified vehicles.

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ZEKNOVA (RS606 R4) 265/35/18 - Medium Compound

ZEKNOVA (RS606 R4) 265/35/18 - Medium Compound

Regular price $300.00
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RS606 Performance

The RS606 is produced in two tyre compounds based on your needs. The RS606 R1 & R4. Both options are purpose built for performance, suitable for street driven & circuit bound vehicles. The R1 is on the extreme end and we recommend for highly modified vehicles with 700hp+

RS606 R1 is a soft motorsport inspired tyre. Maximum grip is achieved with a soft rubber compound.

RS606 R4 is a medium rubber compound offering exceptional handling, grip and braking distance for everyday performance and racing.

Ultimate Grip & Handling
Shorter braking distance
Designed for performance & modified vehicles
Excellent water dispersion with the RS606's massive water channels


The RS606 features an upgraded and strengthened sidewall, offering exceptional turning potential during spirited driving and racing.

The enhanced, double layer polyester sidewall offers professional drifters and performance driving amazing "side-bite" on all corners.

Rubber Composition

The RS606 is produced in both a medium and a soft composition rubber.

RS606 R4
  • Medium - 240AA/A
RS606 R1
  • Soft - 140AA/A

The lower the number the softer the rubber, offering enhanced grip. Soft compound tyres are better suited to higher horsepower cars.

Tread construction: 2x Polyester + 2x Steel + 2x Nylon


The perfect balance between grip and durability, excelling in spirited street driving, circuit racing, gymkhana, time attack, and drift motorsport.

Experience unmatched performance with the Zeknova RS606, now available in New Zealand.

Engineered for elite Japanese and European markets.
Unparalleled performance on New Zealand roads and in motorsport.
Exceptional grip, stability, and superior water distribution.
Reinforced sidewalls grant precise control and cornering.