Evergreen EU72 - 225/45/17 XL

Unlock exceptional handling and fuel efficiency with the Evergreen EU72 tyre, meticulously designed to elevate your driving experience. Suitable for all makes and models!

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Evergreen EU72 - 225/45/17 XL

Evergreen EU72 - 225/45/17 XL

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Evergreen EU72

The EU72 provides you with excellent handing. Silicon material in tread provides low rolling resistance and outstanding environmental performance.

Optimized tread formula ensures excellent skid resistance on wet roads, high traction and low rolling resistance on dry roads.

  • W/Y Speed Rated
  • UTQG 280/AA/A
  • 30/35/40/45/50/55 Series


Optimized Shoulder Design

The curved shoulder design helps prevent torsion while contacting the road.

Extra Support

The Frame Rigid-Balancing Technology prevents twisting of the carcass, thereby boosting the friction on the sides for better handling while turning.

Quick Response

Wider tyres with lower aspect ratios benefit handling performance and have more to do with wider contact patch shapes.


The EU72 is an economical, high-performing mid range tyre

Outstanding cornering ability ensures driving comfort. The outer pattern helps to provide a wider rubber-road contact area and upgrades maneuverability.

Solid Centre Rib

Impressive asymmetric pattern and reinforced center rib provide good handling and braking performance.


Inner pattern contributes to excellent water evacuating. Simplebut skillful pattern design improves grip and draining abilitiesand decreases floatation on water standing road.